Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Station

April 26th 1986 changed the world forever, especially for the citizens of the Chernobyl region of Ukraine. When the 4th reactor on the Vladimir Ilyich Lenin Nuclear Power Station suffered a destructive accident, the name Chernobyl became known all over the world.

Today, the zone is a tourist destination, a museum of what nuclear contamination will do to our world, a museum of Sovjet times, visited by more than 10.000 tourists every year.

The pictures on this page are from July 2017. First, the town of Chernobyl, then the abandoned buildings of Prypiat, the famous fox Simon and other four legged creatures in the zone, the powerplant itself and the unfinished cooling towers for reactor 5 and 6, the DUGA-1 radar and last, the vehicles used by the heroes that cleaned up the zone after the accident.

“Those Who Saved The World”, a monument to the heroes, the first responders, the people that ran into the disaster without ¬†protection, without knowing what they would meet. ¬†An important location to visit before leaving the exclusion zone.